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Nobayethi Dube

Nobayethi Dube (Nobi) was born in Soweto. She matriculated in 1986 at Emadwaleni High School. In 1987 she started working at an engineering company in Randburg and in 1991 moved across to the NGO sector. Nobi started at the bottom, working as a receptionist, but successfully completed her BA Admin. and an Honours degree in Industrial Psychology, graduating in May 1999. Nobi was successively promoted through to Project Administrator, and finally helped set up and run the fieldwork department, joining the organisation's management team. Nobi is that rare researcher who can do every part of the job, from design to fieldwork to analysis. She has worked on a range of issues including poverty, gender, disability, health, youth and public works. Nobi has led evaluations of youth initiatives, community profiling and others. She brings a great depth of experience to S&T as a junior partner. Nobi is currently studying a Masters degree in research methods at Stellenbosch University.

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David Everatt


South African

Date of Birth

16 May 1962


BA (Hons) double first, University of East Anglia (UK)
D.Phil., University of Oxford (Modern African History)


  • High quality project design and execution
  • Team leadership
  • Monitoring system design, programme evaluation
  • Applied social research using quantitative and/or qualitative methodologies
  • Facilitation
  • Detailed analysis, well written reports, good presentation skills

Picture of DavidBackground

David has 15 years of experience in applied social research including monitoring and evaluation of development and anti-poverty programmes. David has taught at the universities of Cape Town, Rhodes and the School of Public & Development Management. He was formerly the Executive Director of CASE, which under his leadership became the first research NGO in South Africa to become financially self-sufficient. He went on to become a founding partner of Strategy & Tactics in 1998, now one of South Africa’s leading development agencies.

David has managed and/or participated in over 250 development projects. He was responsible for path-breaking research into youth marginalisation and out-of-school youth in the early 1990s; his research into political violence was quoted by Nelson Mandela in his speech to the United Nations; he was the evaluator of the South African Constitutional Assembly between 1995 and 1997; he has served on all ANC election polling teams since the first democratic elections in 1994; and has led teams in a range of sectors including governance, poverty, justice, youth development, integrated rural development and others. He has worked in South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Lesotho, Russia and elsewhere.

For the last 10 years David has been Vice-President (Africa and Middle East) for the Sociology of Youth committee of the International Sociological Association. He served as an Expert for the United Nations situational analysis of youth, and facilitated UN workshops in the Middle East on youth in post-conflict Arab societies. He has served on various government Task Teams. David was Team Leader for the design of Kenya’s first National Civic Education Programme, and again for the second (NCEP II). He helped finalise DANIDA’s Human rights programme for Kenya, was a co-team leader for Kenya’s State of the Nation baseline survey, and is Advisory Team Leader for the massive Governance Justice Law & Order Sector (GJLOS) programme, Kenya’s first SWAP. David will be team leader for a 27-month study of all nodes in the Urban Renewal Programme and Integrated Sustainable Rural Development programme in South Africa starting March 2006.

David has published six books and articles in local and international journals on various subjects such as development and politics, youth development, political violence and conflict resolution and education. David is married with two children.

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Matthew Smith

Picture of MatthewMatthew J. Smith has degrees from the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University, and is currently completing a Ph.D. at Syracuse University, New York. He has done extensive evaluation work on social programmes in South Africa and in the USA, where he spent three years on a Fulbright scholarship. In South Africa, he has worked with education institutions, government departments and corporations. In the USA he worked with foundations and institutions of higher education. Matthew has published articles in local and international journals. He was the lead researcher in the second Kaiser Health baseline survey, which is about to be released. Having worked in education, health, media and other fields, he brings powerful research skills and sectoral specialisation to S&T, and will be running our Cape Town operation.

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