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Growing sustainable livelihoods: Socio-economic and demographic research in the 21 poorest rural and urban nodes in South Africa for the Department of Social Development

This is the largest social research project commissioned by government from a non-government agency. The project is a sprawling, 2-year, multi-agency and multi-method sustainable livelihood research and management support programme. More details can be found in the attached brochure, or from Ms Whynie Adams of the Department of Social Development at ...

Bi-annual reviews of Kenya’s Governance Justice Law & Order Sector Reform programme (GJLOS-RP) for 17 donors and the Government of Kenya

Strategy & Tactics, in partnership with regular counterparts South Consulting, won a highly competitive tender to provide an Advisory Team to review the GJLOS-RP until 2009. The team is led by David Everatt, and includes Dr Karuti Kanyinga of South, Pauline Nyamweya, Matthew Smith and others. This massive sector-wide programme has passed through the Short-term ...

Technical Support to Chief Directorate: International Development Co-operation (IDC) in the South African National Treasury

Matthew continues to provide ongoing support to IDC within National Treasury. In 2006 he was contracted to conduct the baseline survey of aid effectiveness, a survey developed to assess progress being made against the 12 indicators embedded in the 2005 Paris Declaration. The survey was completed by donor coordinators in all South Africa’s National government departments and by development counsellors ...

Development of an M&E System for DANIDA, Kenya

Strategy and Tactics was commissioned by the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA) in Kenya to develop an M&E system for the Good Governance Programme (KGGP) they support. As the name of the programme suggests the KGGP aims to promote good governance over the next five years in Kenya. The programme works across both government and civil society and focuses on the ...

Aid Effectiveness: Trends and Impacts of Shifting Financial Flows and Aid Effectiveness to Civil Society Organisations in Southern Africa

The study was carried out by the Chr. Michelsen Institute (Norway) in co-operation with Strategy & Tactics for the Southern Africa Trust. The team was composed of Elling N. TjØnneland and S&T partner Nobayethi Dube. The study was aimed at generating systematic knowledge and insight about the changes in aid policies and how they are affecting donor support to civil ...

Equity development programmes (part 1): "Just as you start to grow they cut you down"

For the past three years S&T have been tracking the progress participants have been making in equity development programmes (EDPs) at four South African higher education institutions. The EDPs have taken many different forms, but they typically have the central objective of developing a new generation of female and black academics. Programmes differ significantly in terms of duration, management, funding and focus although they tend to recruit participants who are either at the post-graduate or post-doctoral level and the programme usually supports the participant for the first couple of years of their academic career to ensure they are retained (Cloete & Galant, 2004).

Monitoring and evaluation of the Africa Drive Project

Strategy and Tactics (S&T) has been commissioned by the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), to do Monitoring and Evaluation of the Africa Drive Project (ADP).

Service standards

For the past 12 months Matthew has been engaged by the Office of the Public Service to conduct a national assessment of the state of service standards currently being used by national and provincial departments. In this assessment Matthew explored whether departments had service standards, what the quality of these standards were, and whether departments used these standards to inform initiatives to improve service delivery. Here he provides an overview of what is meant by service standards and why it is important for government departments to have service standards.

GTZ commissions S&T to assess the impact of the Africa Drive Project

Strategy & Tactics have recently been commissioned by the Africa Drive Project (ADP) to provide technical support to the project in the form of monitoring and evaluation services. The ADP was established by the Department of Education in the Northwest Province, in a Public Private Partnership with the University of North-West, GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), SAP Corporate Research, Siemens Business Services, the Department of Finance of the Northwest Province, Paragon Development Forum, eDegree, Duxbury Networking and Network Appliance.

Implementing the Balanced Scorecard

In the August Phatlalatsa, 5(1) Matthew and Iole Matthews from the Independent Projects Trust (IPT) explained how they were using Balanced Scorecard methodology to shape the monitoring and evaluation framework for IPT's work with the Public Prosecutors in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN PPA) . In this article we update readers on how we have embedded the Balanced Scorecard to assist management within the PPA as they strive to become more effective and efficient.

Citizen satisfaction with service delivery

So how satisfied are South Africans with service delivery in this country? S&T recently completed a citizen satisfaction (CS) survey on behalf of the Public Service Commission (PSC) to gauge satisfaction levels amongst citizens who had experienced the services delivered by four national departments, namely the departments of Education, Health, Housing and Social Development. The overview report and the separate reports for each department can be downloaded from the PSC website: www.psc.gov.za

Review of a UCT Equity Development Programme

Matthew has just completed a review of the University of Cape Town’s Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) department’s Equity Development Programme (EDP), and is about to lead a 3-year S&T tracking project for The Transatlantic Philanthropies.

Reviewing M & E for the Gauteng CBPWP directorate

S&T was commissioned to review the monitoring system and evaluation strategy of the Community Based Public Works Programme Gauteng Directorate. Senior Partner Moagi Ntsime, who managed the project, outlines the project and its main findings.

International Toolkit - Measuring voluntary work

In September 2000, Jowie Mulaudzi traveled to Washington D.C. to attend a two-day meeting bringing together researchers and voluntary work practitioners from Canada, China, Egypt, India, South Africa, Slovak Republic, United Kingdom and the United States of America. The meeting was organised by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), and hosted and funded by the Independent Sector.

S&T design a national monitoring framework for South Africa

S&T recently completed a major national study of monitoring and evaluation practices at national and provincial level, and designed a national monitoring framework for South Africa. David Everatt describes the project and its outputs.

Finalising the Medium Term Strategic Framework for the Presidency

S&T was recently involved in finalising the Medium Term Strategic Framework - a planning and performance measurement tool for government - for the Presidency, supported by GTZ. David Everatt describes the project.

Measuring Client Satisfaction

Matthew Smith and Beth Engelbrecht of the Health Systems Trust assess the state of the Client Satisfaction Tool developed by S&T, and patient rights in general.

Colin Relf: an Englishman abroad

All the S&T partners had the privilege of working with Colin Relf, an internationally renowned evaluator and programme manager. When we were awarded the RAP-85 evaluation by the Department of Public Works earlier this year, our first thought was: ‘How do we get Colin involved?’ Sadly, this won’t be possible. Nonetheless, I hear Colin’s voice - usually reminding me not to commit some elementary error - every day as we focus on public works and eradicating poverty, two issues close to Colin’s heart.

I’m no lawyer (thank God)

I am no lawyer - who admits to being one nowadays? - but surely we all have the right to watch and/or hear the cross-examination of Hansie Cronje as he answers the numerous questions that his second - or is it third? - confession has raised. Judge King had sought to dredge up some case from Canada to substantiate the decision not to allow for public broadcast of the cross-examination. Rather than looking for precedents elsewhere, we should be setting one here ourselves! Thankfully, wisdom prevailed and we could all gaze at Hansie, Advocate Bitohi, or rows upon rows of grey men in grey suits - depending on your preference.

Client Satisfaction Tool Proves Its Worth

Matthew Smith has been working with the Health Systems Trust to design a ‘Client Satisfaction Tool’ - a mechanism for patients to rate their health care facility. He reports on the second phase of the pilot study.

Efficient and Effective Justice via e-Justice

Matthew Smith has been working with the Department of Justice to develop a programme logframe and roll-out plan, as well as designing an M&E system, for the e-Justice programme launched in June.

Monitoring and evaluation: the Community Based Public Works Programme

Elma Scheepers, the Deputy Director for Monitoring and Evaluation in the National Department of Public Works, shares her views on the role and status of M&E in the Community Based Public Works Programme

From the sideline

Hansie and the boys have just won an historic test series in India, then lost the one-day series against the same opponents, then went on to lose the triangular series in Sharjah. Now the team is embroiled in allegations of match-fixing!

The status of monitoring

S&T partner Moagi Ntsime is involved in monitoring analysis for the Consolidated Municipal Infrastructure Programme, the Community Based Public Works Programme and others. In this article he takes a look at the status - or lack of it - given to monitoring in development programmes.

Investment survey for the Office of the President

Strategy & Tactics has been commissioned by the Office of the President to help design, implement and analyse a survey of 1100 Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) around the country. The sample is drawn from a massive data-set of established SMMEs, which itself had to be crafted from various sources. The sample will focus on three major metropolitan centres and six peri-urban towns.

Listening to their members

The transformation of Transmed from a financially unstable scheme to one that is financially stable has come at a price. Many members of Transmed are unhappy, some so unhappy they have left the scheme.

The M&E system for the LMSDP

David has been involved in the second phase of our work in the Department of Labour, specifically the Labour Market Skills Development Programme (LMSDP). Parts of the inception workshop were facilitated by David and Matthew who then assisted two of the six EU-funded projects through Programme Cycle Management and log-frame exercises; the next step was to design a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the LMSDP as a whole.

S&T: a year on

Since our first newsletter the bulk of our work has been in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) arena. S&T has worked with various national departments - including Labour, Public Works, Welfare, Constitutional Development and others - assisting both in the design of M&E systems and their implementation.

Public Works Programme monitored and evaluated

Since 1994/95, the Department of Public Works has focused not simply on delivery, but on delivery with special concern for poor communities. Methods of uplifting poor communities have involved community empowerment, community participation in identifying projects, project management, poverty alleviation, and post-project involvement of local communities. During all these processes, important lessons were accumulated, and were used in re-aligning the Department's Community-Based Public Works Programme (CBPWP). The issue of monitoring emerged as central to the successful realisation of the other components of the CBPWP.

S&T monitoring municipal infrastructure

In early 1999, S&T tendered for the management of the Consolidated Municipal Infrastructure Programme (CMIP), alongside Epa, BKS and others. CMIP is one of the largest programmes undertaken by government. The programme aims to provide basic levels of services to low income households while also contributing to other government strategic and intervention policy objectives. We were very excited to win the tender.

A user-friendly M&E guide for Rand Water

One of the key challenges facing those of us involved in applied research is to share the lessons of our experience with others. S&T has been commissioned to produce an accessible guide to both monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring does not equal evaluation

The conflation of monitoring and evaluation is the cause of many problems in programme implementation. For best results, monitoring and evaluation must be understood as different processes, but treated in an integrated way. In many programme management manuals, government tenders and even methods text-books, monitoring and evaluation are treated as near-identical. They share a single budget line item, and little thought is given to the complexities of design and implementation. This gives rise to problems during the programme implementation phase.

Designing a monitoring system for the IDT

The Independent Development Trust (IDT) has been contracted by the Department of Welfare to manage its R203m Poverty Relief and Infrastructure Investment Fund. This, the second grant awarded to the Department, builds on a R50m grant received in the 1997/98 financial year. The IDT has commissioned S&T to undertake a review of the R50m grant; to design and pilot a monitoring instrument; and to design and help implement a monitoring system.

Monitoring anti-poverty programmes: the cornerstone of S&T

S&T is involved in the design and implementation of monitoring systems for three key government anti-poverty programmes, below the challenges of social monitoring are explored.

Designing a computer-based logframe-derived monitoring system for the Labour Market Skills Development Programme

S&T Senior partner David Everatt has been helping the massive Labour Market Skills Development Programme (LMSDP) - the largest EU technical grant of its type in the world - design and implement a monitoring system. He describes progress thus far.

Diagnostic Evaluation Studies

The purpose of the studies are to investigate performance and impact around certain development issues at the project level. Throughout the lifetime of the Community Based Public Works Programme the Department needs to reconcile and assess the integrity of the data received from the cluster managers and project managers regarding the number of temporary jobs created, types of jobs performed by women at project level, and the extent to which the programme has empowered them. To address these issues the Department commissions regular random diagnostic assessments of the performance of certain clusters and projects on these issues. Two examples are as follows:

S&T Monitoring Systems

S&T's senior partner David Everatt looks at the growth of S&T, from a new player to the key provider of monitoring systems for anti-poverty programmes in South Africa and beyond.

HIV/AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

UNAIDS and the World Bank hosted a workshop aimed at "Building a Sustainable Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Resource Network in Eastern and Southern Africa"; S&T partner Jowie Mulaudzi attended and filed this report.

Measuring debt and helping rehabilitation

S&T partner Ross Jennings managed a fast turn-around project for Mongi Mali Solutions, in which S&T measured levels of debt, the impact it has on workers, and how to help tackle the problem.

ZIVUSENI - S & T involved in Gauteng's major Poverty Alleviation Programme

Moagi Ntsime describes S&T's role in Gauteng's leading anti-poverty programme.

S&T continues to provide high-level support & analysis to the Department of Labour

S&T's long and successful involvement in the Labour Market Skills Development Programme is deepening, explains Cape Town partner Matthew Smith.

S&T leads an audit of sports, recreation, arts & culture facilities

S&T partner Moagi Ntsime describes a multi-agency audit of facilities for the Gauteng Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts & Culture.

A tracking mechanism for equity development programmes at selected South African universities

S&T partner Ross Jennings describes a major three-year partnership between S&T and The Atlantic Philanthropies.

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