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An introduction to S&T

Welcome to our "About" page where we map out who we are, what we do and the kind of organisation we are. Below you will also find a short introduction to the work that we have done. This is really a brief introduction to S&T and our work.

What is S&T?

Strategy & Tactics (S&T) is a development consultancy. Our research skills range across design, fieldwork, analysis and tailored recommendations, with specialist quantitative research skills. We also have skilled facilitators and rapporteurs in-house. We also design, implement and run monitoring systems, with project facilitation and trouble-shooting skills. We can undertake an entire job, from conceptualisation to completion, or individual components of it. We frequently collaborate with local and international consultants. Our partners have worked in a number of sub-Saharan African countries. Our clients include government, NGOs, international donor agencies, private sector companies and others.

We have five partners and a network of researchers and consultants with specialised skills. S&T offices can be found in Johannesburg and Cape Town. A senior partner works on every job, in order to ensure the highest possible quality. We specialise in designing, implementing and maintaining monitoring systems; in small- and large-scale project and programme evaluation; in project management; and in more conventional research outputs like baseline studies, policy position papers and so on.


To transform the lives of people living in poverty in Africa.


To develop innovative solutions to development challenges in Africa through high quality research, designing monitoring systems, undertaking evaluations, programme design, facilitation, and support services. We are committed to producing quality, ethical work and add value by working in partnership with clients.

S&T monitoring experience

Monitoring is an integral part of performance evaluation, establishing in an ongoing manner how projects are being implemented. S&T has been involved in the design and/or implementation of monitoring systems for key government anti-poverty programmes, including the following: S&T was a part of the consortium that won the tender to manage the R2bn Consolidated Municipal Infrastructure Fund for the Department of Constitutional Development. We have responsibility for the redesign and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system.

We are a part of the National Programme Management Team for the Community Based Public Works Programme of the Department of Public Works where we were involved in the conceptualisation of the monitoring system and are responsible for national monitoring analysis.

We were part of the Independent Development Trust's team tasked with the design of a monitoring system to track the Department of Welfare's Poverty Relief and Infrastructure Development Fund.

We have also designed monitoring systems for the Labour Market Skills Development Programme, the Department of Labour and others.

Experience in evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are related but very different activities. Evaluations are specifically designed research interventions, which usually aim to answer specific questions. Formative and summative evaluations are a key area of S&T's work. Recent evaluations include:

  • Rapid review of the Department of Welfare's 'War on Poverty'
  • Evaluating the Transmed medical aid scheme from the perspective of members
  • S&T undertook a formative evaluation of the Youth Development Initiative of the Department of Welfare and Joint Enrichment Project

Policy research

S&T partners are frequently requested to participate in policy research and drafting activities. Areas in which we have recently been involved include:

  • Drafting a Business Plan for the Youth Reconstruction Workforce
  • Managing the Task Team that drafted the White Paper on National Youth Service, attendant Business Plans and implementation strategy
  • Developing a coherent targeting strategy and budget allocation methodology for the Department of Public Works

Experience in project management

S&T is involved both in project management and strategic planning for project management. Our involvement in this arena includes:

  • S&T was part of the team - alongside ITAD (UK), GFA (Germany) and Ratio (South Africa) - that won the tender to manage the Labour Market Skills Development Programme, the largest single EU technical grant in the world.
  • We are members of the management team for CBPWP and CMIP.
  • Team leaders for a DFID-supported project to develop a management plan for civil society's role in the Kenyan Constitutional review.
  • Project Management for the Isandla Institute's local government performance monitoring system for the Department of Constitutional Development.
  • In managing the transformation Indicator Project on behalf of the Centre of Higher Education Transformation, S&T has assisted in the development of a set of indicators with which to assess transformation at various tertiary institutions over the past 5 years.

Other research experience

S&T partners have decades of experience between them. We have been involved in a wide range of projects, including the following recent interventions:

  • 'Reality Check': On the eve of the second democratic election, the Kaiser Family Foundation commissioned S&T to investigate the differences and similarities between the outlook of different groupings in South Africa.
  • 'Investment in South Africa': S&T was commissioned by the Office of the President to help design, implement and analyse a national survey of 1 100 small, medium and micro enterprises. The focus of the study was on factors that help and hinder investment.
  • 'Community profiles in the poorest provinces': We have undertaken community profile surveys in District Councils where the Department of Public Works is currently focusing its poverty alleviation programmes.


S&T partners are highly experienced in quantitative surveys and multivariate statistical analysis. We also frequently utilise qualitative methods, from focus groups to various participative methods.

We have the great advantage of an in-house fieldwork management team, who guarantee that S&T can maintain a 'hands-on' approach throughout the research process.

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